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  • Sweep entire backyard area - including back patio, outdoor kitchen, pool deck, and boat dock.

  • Remove large debris (including leaves) and dirt (paying close attention to any accumulated dirt in the BBQ area).

  • Hose down any hard-to-remove dirty areas (including any bird droppings).

  • Wipe down all outdoor furniture in the backyard and on the dock. 

  • Ensure all backyard and boat dock furniture and items are staged as shown in the photos below.

  • Wipe down bar and the inside and outside of all outdoor kitchen appliances.

  • Turn on water and run garbage disposal in outdoor kitchen sink to clear out the drain.

  • Ensure grilling scraper, tongs, fork, and spatula are in outdoor kitchen drawer as well as the searing attachment.

  • Knock down cobwebs on back porch, backyard fence, and boat dock.

  • Check mat on back porch; if worn out, replace it.

  • Close and tie all umbrellas.

  • Ensure cover is on fire pit.

  • During cooler months, ensure tall propane heater is positioned by chaise lounges as shown below (during warmer months, the heater is stored in the garage).

  • Ensure 6 pool noodles, 2 float boards, and bag of pool toys are located in backyard bin; wipe down inside of bin as necessary.

  • Check to make sure 5 pool signs and pool buoy with rope is attached to backyard fence (as shown in the photos below).

  • Ensure 4 pool markers are attached to pool deck, small pool net is hanging, and solar light panels are attached to fence (as shown in the photos below).

  • Check to make sure No Swimming sign is attached to boat dock, 2 buoys are attached to dock, and boat is covered and secured with bungy as shown below. Note: Let owner know if cover is off of boat.

  • Ensure garden hose is rolled up in container.

  • Remove and discard large debris on side of home, ensure large pool net and pool brush are hanging on wall, and make sure 2 trashcans and recycling bin are neatly aligned.

  • Text owner photos of the backyard areas including patio, chaise lounge areas, fire pit area, outdoor kitchen, pool area, dock, and boat.

  • Report any damaged or missing items to owners and provide supporting photos.

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