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  • Wash and put away dishes. Be sure to check the dishwasher.

  • NOTE: The inside of all kitchen cabinets and drawers are labeled. Ensure all items in the kitchen cabinets and drawers are arranged as shown in the photos below.

  • NOTE: Place the acrylic beer mugs, acrylic wine glasses, and blue wine glasses in the nook wall cabinet in the family room.

  • NOTE: Be sure to restock an assortment of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (from the garage cleaning cabinet) onto the pod holder on the kitchen countertop.

  • NOTE: If guests have left unopened beverages behind, including bottled water, arrange the beverages neatly in the refrigerator door shelves as shown in the photo below.

  • NOTE: Keep all oils, cooking sprays, and spices on the lazy susan on the kitchen countertop. Inventory items and let owner know if any items are running low.

  • NOTE: Ensure plastic wrap and foil is in middle drawer by back door and manuals (including Welcome Manual) are in top drawer by back door.

  • Discard any trash or food items left in the pantry, cupboards, or refrigerator.

  • Wipe down the outside of all stainless steel appliances, kitchen island legs, barstools, and waste can to ensure they are clean and streak free.

  • Push in kitchen barstools as shown in photos below.

  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator, freezer, oven, and microwave.

  • Wipe down the inside of the pantry and 2 empty kitchen drawers.

  • Wipe down all countertop appliances and items - and arrange on countertop as shown in photos below.

  • Dust and wipe down blinds and window sills (close blinds when cleaning is completed). 

  • Refill dish soap dispenser and ensure salt and pepper shakers are on countertop. Replace with new ones as needed.

  • In countertop drying rack, place rolled 1 flour sack towel, 1 rolled dish towel, 1 rolled dish washcloth, and 1 sponge. Display the items as shown below.

  • Fold paper towel roll in bow or "V' shape, and make sure USB cable hub is on kitchen countertop and plugged in as shown in photos below.

  • Empty the trash and recycling. Wipe down the inside of the waste can if needed. Place waste can under the the kitchen island countertop as shown in the photos below.

  • NOTE: Be sure to place a white trash bag in the waste can with 2 extra white bags underneath it as well as a blue recycling bag in the waste can with 2 extra blue bags underneath it.

  • NOTE: Check cleaning supplies in lower kitchen cabinet. Place an extra roll of paper towels in the cabinet. Refill dishwasher pods, dishwasher rinse aid, dish soap, white trash bags, blue recycling bags, all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and grill cleaner as needed.

  • Text owner any supplies that are running low and need ordered.

  • Text owner a photo of the kitchen.



  • NOTE: All rugs throughout the home are affixed to the floor with tape so they do not move. Please keep them affixed.

  • Vacuum family room rug, shake out inside door mat, and mop tile floors.

  • Dust and wipe down all furniture, nook, blinds, window sills, baseboards, dirty spots on walls, lights, ceiling fan, artificial plants, sculptures, filled bowls, and decor. Note: Make sure blinds are closed when cleaning is completed.

  • Check all coffee table and side table drawers to make sure they are clean and empty.

  • Ensure all family room furniture is staged as shown in the photos below.

  • Ensure all decor is staged as shown in the photos below including: wall art, throw pillows, artificial plants, lamps, filled bowls, coasters, and sculptures.

  • Dust and clean glass and decor inside fireplace and stage as shown.

  • NOTE: Replace air freshener on fireplace mantle as needed.

  • NOTE: Ensure Simplisafe alarm base is plugged in the family room as shown in the photos below.

  • NOTE: Ensure 8 clean blue striped pool towels are neatly rolled in the shelving unit as shown in the photos below.

  • Be sure to wash any soiled blue striped pool towels separately from the white bath towels.

  • Text owner photos of the family room, pool towel area, and fireplace.

  • Report any damaged or missing items to owners and provide supporting photos.

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