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  • Make sure the garage sensor is plugged into the outlet in the laundry room.

  • Mop the laundry room floors and wipe down the baseboards and doors.

  • Wipe down the outside of the washer and dryers, the drawers, and the inside of the washer and dryer doors.

  • Place 3 laundry tabs in the bowl on the shelf for guests to use.

  • Dust and wipe down laundry room window as needed.

  • Wipe down laundry room shelves and shelving unit.

  • Ensure all laundry room items are staged as shown in the photos below. 

  • Ensure batteries (9-volt, AAA, AA, C, and D) are in 3 battery containers in shelving unit. Note: Notify owner if more batteries need to be ordered.

  • Ensure screw driver set and door stop is in shelving unit drawer.

  • Ensure iron and steamer are on shelving unit and ironing and steaming components are in a bag in the shelving unit drawer.

  • Empty both vacuum sweepers, and make sure vacuum attachment is in shelving unit drawer.

  • Make sure ironing board, drying rack, and broom with dust pan are hanging on laundry wall as shown below.

  • Extra cleaning supplies, including a Swiffer mop and 4 white microfiber rags are kept in the laundry room for guest use; please ensure the Swiffer pad and microfiber rags are clean.

  • Text owner photos of the laundry room (including the items hanging behind the door).

  • Report any damaged or missing items to owner and provide supporting photos.



  • Sweep the garage floor; mop as needed.

  • Wipe down the rollaway bed covers and the front of the garage cabinets as needed.

  • NOTE: Make sure rollaway beds have mattress covers on them.

  • Check labeled rollaway bed bags. Ensure 2 pillows with pillow protectors on them are in the middle bag.

  • Replace any used linens and/or towels in the other 2 rollaway bags. NOTE: Each bag contains a rollaway bed fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case, and duvet with cover as well as a pool towel and full towel set (1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, and 1 wash cloth)

  • Ensure there is a foldable desk hanging on the wall.

  • Ensure there are 2 fishing poles hanging on the wall as well as a tackle box on the wall shelf.

  • Ensure there are 8 life jackets hanging on the wall.

  • Ensure there are 2 basketballs and a volleyball on the ball rack.

  • Make sure the wet vac is enclosed in the plastic bin.

  • Make sure the propane tanks are in the corner of the garage, the tall propane heater is stored in the garage (during the warmer months), the step stool ladder is hanging on the garage wall, and the cleaning/gardening items are hanging.

  • Text owner any supplies that are running low and need ordered.

  • Text owner photos of the garage, rollaway bed bags, and open water softener container showing salt pellets.

  • Report any damaged or missing items to owner and provide supporting photos.

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